Global warning It’s time to act to save our planet



Hello everyone! We’ve decided to write this article because our planet is in danger.

Indeed, we have produced too much CO2 and we have polluted the air. Because of pollution the ice cap has melted and polar bears are on the brink of extinction. There are more and more endangered species all around the world.

For instance, men have hunted the Bangladesh tiger for its tail and fur and as a consequence this species will soon become extinct if we don’t react. So you must act, we must act. We aren’t killers, let’s save the tigers!

As for pandas, they have no habitat left because men have cut too many trees. We should all fight against deforestation. In order to solve all these environmental issues, we should recycle paper, we should pollute less and stop buying four wheel drives.

As a conclusion, let us all work together!

            Les 3°9 et leur professeur d’anglais Mme Prime


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